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How To Start? Baby Steps.

More often than not, simply taking the first step can be the most difficult when you are trying to ingrain a new habit or lifestyle approach.  It’s exciting and emotionally charged when you get the idea or dream that you want to be fit, healthy and look and feel exactly how you want in your life – but then the rubber hits the road and one thing goes wrong and it throws the whole train off the tracks…

We understand, we’ve all been here before.  The real problem isn’t that you aren’t making progress, or even working hard enough.  Usually, that’s the least of the problem.  The root issue is that we’ve framed ourselves and our expectations of what it will take to get there and underestimated the timeline for it – creating an “all-or-none” mentality that traps you into thinking this is too big an endeavor to be able to complete.  

You see, as soon as you start something, you usually begin by educating yourself. And in the case of fitness – well, there’s about 1 bazillion sources on the internet right now with about as many ways of reaching your goals.  Its at this point that the information becomes too great, we become more overwhelmed with making the right choices that we decide to just say “Screw it” and go back to not caring for another 3 months about our health.  

Well, my friend, let’s take a deep breath and step back together, and break this thing down into 10 simple actions you can take today – right now – to simply Start.  And instead of worrying if they are the best choice in the moment, just know this, fitness and your health is a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month, year by year process.  There are no single events that will make – or break – you or your ability to have what you want in this life.  And if you can understand that point, you might just be able to get started, and keep going long enough to get yourself there.  

Goal: Improve health by making better choices over the long-haul.

How: Pick any one of the following items and simply take action now.  

  1. Eat Breakfast.  Include a Protein source, a Fat, and a Carbohydrate (ie Eggs, Cooked in butter, banana)
  2. Pack a lunch – avoid the pitfalls of trusting a restaurant to give you the healthy option
  3. Hydrate – keep a water bottle in sight and chug the good stuff at least once an hour
  4. Since you are going to be Hydrated – get up and move around as often as you can instead of sitting at day at your desk
  5. Use a foam roller for 10 minutes
  6. Sleep 7 hours tonight – Bonus: Go to bed by 10p
  7. Swap out the Soda – pick tea, or kombucha instead
  8. Instead of “couching” it after dinner, take a walk instead
  9. Park farther away from destinations, and if possible, take the stairs
  10. Practice a new movement or exercise for 10 minutes

Remember, it’s a constant awareness of what you want in life for your fitness and health.  There are a million ways to do it, but that doesn’t matter, what really drives you there is taking action, and being ok when it doesn’t go perfect.  Because it never will – and that’s ok.

Bonus – if you start making these action steps a part of your life, try stacking two or three together to multiply the benefits for yourself!  

Kyle Kraft

Co-Owner + Coach