CrossFit Health

Our CrossFit Health programming track is for you if you are using CrossFit as a fitness program. You’re best suited for this track if you’re looking to solidify your movement practice safely, make consistent progress over the long haul, and regain functional independence and improve activities of daily living. This program track is our most popular and suits over 90% of our current membership.

CrossFit Performance

Our CrossFit Performance program track is for the serious athletes who are looking to compete or are already competing in CrossFit. Just as you would excel in any sport -- be it baseball, hockey, football, or others -- the training should expose weaknesses and prepare you for game day.

That being said, our Performance track is a more complex, heavier prescription than our Health track. And, just like in sports, athletes in this track can expect to be assigned a lot of hard work to accomplish daily.

Six Week Challenge

Are you looking for a program that can work for anyone and has proven itself by working for all different types of people (including people who have little to no experience with fitness or a gym setting)? If you join us for our Six Week Challenge, you can expect a multitude of benefits, including fat loss, increased muscle tone, shape and strength. You can also look forward to increased stamina, endurance and flexibility. In addition, we believe you will improve energy, vitality and self-confidence!

Farmstrong Strength & Conditioning

Our FarmStrong Strength & Conditioning program is designed to offer you a great workout that
burns calories and develops a strong, physically fit body. Our workouts focus on using
body weight movements and free weights to burn fat, promote muscle growth, and develop
overall conditioning. FarmStrong Strength & Conditioning classes are designed as a stepping stone to our CrossFit Health and
Performance classes.

Farmland Fusion

Fusion is more than just another workout fad. It’s a community of people passionate about increasing the wellness of their minds, bodies and spirits. Each class blends elements of yoga and fitness for a unique experience. Come feel it for yourself!

Personal Training

Working one-on-one with a coach is a great choice when addressing things about your health and fitness that are unique and personal. During Personal Training sessions, our instruction focuses on movement techniques and skills, physical conditioning, and the development of healthy workout rituals, eating habits, and self-discipline. After a period of time, you will have the experience and confidence you need to do it on your own.

Barbell Club

The standard CrossFit “constantly varied” methodology is great for getting you to be generally good at everything. However, it’s tough to become great at anything without direct, focused practice. Maybe you’re having trouble learning proper snatch technique. Maybe you’ve noticed your progress has come to a screeching halt. Maybe you just like throwing heavy weights over your head. Whatever the case may be, chances are you will benefit from joining our Barbell Club.

Strength Club

The main focus of Strength Club is to improve your ability to lift heavy objects while doing it safely and efficiently, demonstrating FarmStrong lifting and strength to the world. You can expect to Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift, as well as learn how to lift odd objects and implements. (We expose you to a full spectrum of awkward, heavy items, which is pretty fun.)

This program is designed specifically to educate you on how to use your abilities to solve any strength problems you might encounter. It will give you confidence, tactical clarity, and an understanding of mechanics not always seen in the generalist view of CrossFit training.

Professional Coach Development Program

Our Professional Coach Development Program is an innovative project designed to educate and build the future of great CrossFit coaches and FF Business Associates in Wisconsin. The course is a comprehensive examination of all things related to CrossFit and its industry. Upon completion, attendees will be prepared to make an impact on the community of any affiliate, effectively coach the general FF population, and become a true asset to any FF business (or develop your own!).

Professional Coach Development Master Class

This is a class taught by students who are in the final stages of our Professional Coach Development Program. This class is FREE to all members (meaning it doesn’t count against your weekly stash!) and is attended by the entire coaching staff to ensure your safety and fun! The workout fits in ideally with our weekly CrossFit training and offers you a chance to see what goes on behind the whiteboard. We do sit and give each student feedback after class to help our coaches stay on top of their game. Come join us Saturday mornings for a fun time!

Farmland Recovery

When you train hard, you need to take care of your body to ensure proper recovery. At Farmland Fitness, we offer on-site massage therapy and physical therapy services to help you stretch out sore muscles and gain range of movement and flexibility. We also offer access to our Compex Recovery Sessions.

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